Training Topics


Training Topics


In addition to the topics offered in our statewide training series, we have a three-part onsite training series that builds participants'  knowledge and sklls. These trainings can be delivered inividually, or together as a series, scheduled several weeks apart.


The three-part training series includes the following half-day training topics:

1. HIV Review: This training describes the connections between HIV/AIDS and homelessness. It reviews current information on HIV transmission, disease progression, testing options, and treatment options. We also discuss HIV prevention and risk reduction and consider strategies for homeless shelters to integrate this information into their work.  


2. Getting Comfortable Having Conversations About HIV Risk and Risk Reduction:
This training focuses on building participants’ comfort with speaking to homeless shelter guests about HIV risk and risk reduction. The training provides a basic review of HIV risk and risk reduction, while offering participants hands-on techniques for starting and engaging in ongoing conversations. Participants also learn how these conversations support an individual's interest in making changes to reduce her/his HIV risk(s).


3. Making Supported Referrals: This training defines “supported” referrals and their importance. We discuss disclosure challenges and implications for successful referrals and explore strategies to increase disclosure comfort. We also review ways to measure client referral readiness. The training offers tools to build providers’ referral capacity. 


Other Training Topics:

  • Viral Hepatitis Basics
  • Harm Reduction in Practice
  • Preventing and Reversing Unintentional Opioid Overdose
  • Frameworks for Understanding Substance Use and Misuse
  • Using Motivational Interviewing to Support Change
  • Young Women, Homelessness, and HIV/AIDS: Information, Assessment and Support
  • Youth and Hepatitis C: Myths, Risks and Support


Curriculum Development:

Please contact us if you would like a training and you don't see the topic listed on our website.