Using Staff Training to Motivate and Support HIV Integration in Homeless Service Settings

Our trainings are offered in Massachusetts and across the country. Originally funded as a special project by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, we now offer our training, resource and technical assisatnce services on a consultant or fee basis. Contact us for more information!


Basics of SH/HIP's Trainings:

  • Engaging and participant-centered
  • Rooted in principles of adult learning
  • Designed to support homeless services staff and other health and human service providers who work with people experiencing homelessness to integrate HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, harm reduction, and overdose prevention into their work with people experiencing homelessnes


Training Locations

  • Onsite training at homeless shelters: we can come to your shelter and provide training directly to your shelter's staff
  • Offsite training at regional or local venues: we also provide trainings offsite that attract homeless service workers as well as other health and human service providers who work with people experiencing homelessness.


Training Topics

Our trainings address the following topics:

  • The Intersecting Risks of Homelessness and HIV
  • LGBT Youth Homelessness and Health
  • Harm Reduction in Practice
  • Viral Hepatitis
  • Overdose Prevention and Reversal
  • Using Moltivational Interviewing and Stages of Change to Support Change
  • Making Better Referrals
  • The Stigma of Subtance Use/Mis-Use
  • The Specifics of Substances
  • Substance Use and Mis-Use



If you have any questions about SH/HIP's trainings, or if you would like to schedule a SH/HIP training at your program, please contact us at or call at 1-(800)-530-2770.